Top 5 Writing Techniques for Authors

Not everyone has inborn writing talent, oftentimes, aspiring writers have to hone their skills by experimenting with various writing techniques. There are several writing styles and methods authors can use to improve their writing.

It can be a challenge to effectively transfer your thoughts into paper but with a good and solid strategy it can be done. It’s a trial and error journey to develop a good ability in the writing craft. Here are some of the best writing techniques you can follow to further enhance your writing:

1. Free Write

That blank page may seem intimidating at first glance but think of it as a canvass welcoming you to paint your masterpiece on it. And in painting, every stroke of your brush will lead to the big picture. Similarly with writing, the words you produce on paper will lead to a brilliant story. You have to picture out first the direction what you want to lead your plot on. You can start by free writing, just to gain a general idea of the structure of your story. You don’t necessarily need to organize it. Sometimes a messy page full of random words can become your source of inspiration.

2. Borrow Ideas

This isn’t a hint that you should plagiarize. Instead, you can read other author’s work and get a similar concept for your story. Of course you should always be original but there’s nothing wrong with springing up new ideas from previous written works. Get inspiration from authors you admire to develop your own writing style and create your own original plots.

3. Speak Your Words

To make sure you’re not writing awkward sentences or are being too wordy with your descriptions, read what you’re writing first. You should be able to narrate each sentence with one breath. If you’re hastily looking for the period to catch your next breath then that’s an obvious hint to cut it shorter. This writing technique will also help you master the pacing of your plot. This will help you discover which part should have the most intense scenes and how the readers should feel when they’re reading it. Reading will give you the perspective of your audience.

4. Be Descriptive

Let the flowery words flow freely. Entice your readers’ imaginations by painting them a vivid picture of each scene. Let your creative juices flow and let each word enhance and highlight the settings and characters. Run your imagination wild, don’t worry if it sounds too random or it doesn’t immediately make sense, you can edit it later. The best way to let your words is by simply sharing what you can see in your mind.

5. Refresh Writing Rituals

Changing your location will stimulate your senses and help you come up with fresh ideas for writing. Don’t coop yourself up in one place for too long. As much as possible, change your scenery. Go from writing in a café to staying in an exotic new location. Motivate your creative mind by simply stimulating it with different sceneries and situation.

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