Top 5 Book Marketing Tips from the Industry Experts

The key to your book’s success lies in its marketing.

A boost of popularity equals a boost of book sales.

Marketing your book properly and extensively will help you establish a solid fan base that will support you throughout you career as an author.

In today’s modern age, there are several media platforms that you can promote your book on.

The internet, for one, has paved the way for new marketing strategies that can be applied to an even broader audience. And then there’s also the traditional media platforms that still reaches out to a wide scope of the market.

However, before you tap into these medium, you first need to learn the marketing strategies you will apply. Gather as many book marketing tips that you can refer to in the future.

The most effective way to learn is by taking the advice of veteran marketers.  Here are some of the best book marketing tips from the experts:

  1. “What helps people, helps business,” says the famous advice of Leo Burnett himself of Leo Burnett Worldwide, Inc. and it means you have to focus on what people look for. If your book is an inspiring tale that will uplift their spirit then highlight that in your marketing campaign, or if it is self-help guide book then emphasize how it can improve their lives. The key to marketing is to find what can help people or what can make their situation better.
  2. Always keep in mind the words of David Ogilvy, the father of Advertising, that “The consumer isn’t a moron, she is your wife.” You can’t fool your audience into supporting you by simply babbling a bunch of appealing adjectives about your book. Treat each customer with respect and care as they are the most precious individuals who will pave the way to your book’s success. Make your market feel important, valued and greatly appreciated.
  3. “Nobody reads Ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes, it’s an Ad,” says Howard Gossage, advertising innovator and iconoclast. Produce catchphrases and lines that are as catchy as they are compelling. Don’t just come up with clever phrases; instead, focus on writing something that will capture your audience’s attention with one glance. Clever words can catch their attention but it’s what those words imply that will keep it.
  4. “The best advertising isn’t advertising,” says Ajaz Ahmed, founder of AKQA. Go for subtle marketing approaches and avoid bluntly selling your product. If you’re marketing effectively, people will naturally be drawn to your book. Forcing people to pay attention to you will have the opposite effect and you will end up pushing them away instead.
  5. Always take the time to learn. Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarella, says that “Marketing isn’t magic, there’s a science to it.” There are plenty of marketing strategies out there that you can apply to your personal campaign. Marketing techniques can get technical but with enough patience and perseverance, you will eventually master them. It never hurts to consult professional either and get book marketing tips from them. You can get more information about marketing by reading books, attending seminars and by simply taking advice from the experts.
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