Reasons Why You Should Sign up with Pacific Book Review

Being a self-published author can be quite difficult. This is because most self-published authors lack the proper support to promote there books.

There is also the fact that a majority of self-publishers have very little knowledge on how to promote their books.

And seeing as book promoting takes a lot of work and resources, you will need a way to promote your book and succeed in doing it.

One way is to have your book reviewed by Pacific Book Review. Here are some great reasons why you should have your book reviewed by Pacific Book Review.

Pacific Book Review offers various services

Pacific Book Review has always taken pride in being able to offer a multifaceted array of services. The company reviews published books, manuscripts, and eBooks, ARC’s, audio CD’s and DVD’s.

It also provides additional services for authors including internet review postings, video book trailers and distribution, professionally written press release including distribution to the media, and author interviews along with other book promotion services to help gain exposure for your book.

It is highly effective

Pacific Book Review is one of the most influential names in the publishing world. Signing up with the company also gives you a chance to win Pacific book review awards. Winning these awards will gain your book as much prestige as possible.

It is well established

Book promotion takes a good deal of money. Which is why you need an advertising method that is as effective as possible.

Having your book reviewed by Pacific Book Review is a truly great way to promote your book. This is because the company has long established itself as a great source of book reviews.

And through the years the company has provided a multitude of books with well-crafted book reviews meant to get reader’s attentions.

The company hires highly skilled book reviewers

If you want your book review to be the best quality possible, your book reviewers must be as qualified as possible. Pacific Book Review has always adhered to these qualifications.

This is because all of the company’s reviewers hold advanced degrees in English Literature and have had previous editorial experience.

The reviewers have published books, screenplays and have done cumulatively thousands of book reviews. The book reviewers ranks usually include business executives, journalists and librarians from various publications.

They also boast credentials such as PhD in religion and literature, creative executives in entertainment and other professional reviewers.

The book reviews offer a multifaceted approach to book promotion

Aside from giving your book a great reputation book reviews can also be used for advertising your book though social media.

You can use excerpts of your book review to generate interests through social media sites and even through your own blog. You can also take hints from your book review to further grow as a writer.

Pacific book review services are also available with self-publishing companies. One example is BookVenture Publishing.

BookVenture offers authors the chance to have their books reviewed by Pacific Book Review and avail of other Pacific Book Review services.

All in all signing up with Pacific Book Review will give your book an advantage that other self-publishers lack. Which is the backing of a well known book reviewer.

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