Get Your Books Advertised in New York Times Book Review

The New York Times Book Review has long been considered as one of the most influential magazine publications in the US. With over 1.7 million readers subscribed to each print issue. The magazine has always had a viable record of delivering and endorsing only the most notable writings. The publication is also a highly respected reviewer in the industry with its approval setting credibility to each published book.

The New York Times Book Review is predominantly one of the most sought after services offered by the New York Times magazine. The articles are in truth aimed at intelligent and general-interest adult readers, and is usually read and taken seriously by readers of all genres.

If you are serious about getting your book the much needed promotion it needs, the New York Times Book Review is one of the best options. This is because the New York Times Book Review has been considered as one of the most respected publications in the world and has helped give recognition to the works of many legendary authors.

The New York Times book review is sent around 750 to 1000 books from authors and publishers in the mail. And for each week only 20 to 30 books are chosen. The books themselves are selected by the preview editors who read 1,500 advance galleys a year.

All things said any book that is chosen by the New York Times Book Review or is even featured in the said publication is quite fortunate. Which is why BookVenture marketing services is a highly effective way to promote your book.

With its new service the New York Times Media Blast the author’s book is given the promotion it needs. As it was stated earlier The New York Times Book Review is considered as one of the most respected and followed book reviews in the world, thus to have your book even just advertised in the publication is already a big deal.

The more you promote your book the better. The more outlets you can put your book through the more chances that your book will be able to make an impact on prospective readers. And with the New York Time’s great renown, any book that is featured in the magazine is expected to have a better showing with readers. There is also the fact that serious readers usually refer to The New York Times Book Review whenever they want to see which books are trending at the moment.

The BookVenture publishing company has always taken pride in the ability to give author’s the guidance and support they need. And with this new service, the company has stepped up its game when it comes to book promotion.

The marketing service will feature your book in a single slot advertisement in the publication and a one-page press release that will be distributed to 1000 media outlets. This is definitely your opportunity to promote your book to your audience through a broadly read publication and several media platforms.

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