How Effective Is Ingram Advance? Is It Worth Trying Out?

Book promotions can be very difficult work. This is because when you promote a book, you are technically going up against very harsh competition all over the world. You really need an edge in order to make your book stand out. One such edge is by utilizing Ingram Advance. This is because Ingram Advance grants you the opportunity to reach an even wider audience and potential readers. But is it really that effective? Can it really help you gain a bigger following and sell more books? Let’s find out!

What is Ingram Advance?

Ingram Advance is a comprehensive collection of trade catalogs that feature books in appealing and easy-to-understand layouts. Ingram Advance offers a myriad of listings and relevant editorial content that can help authors stay up to date with the latest and most important trends. This includes author interviews, marketing tips. It is usually published monthly and distributed five weeks before the issue month.

Ingram advance gives you the chance to announce your book to people who are most likely to buy it. Gone are the days of having to spend a great amount of time and effort in order to get news of your book to the right customers.

What are the advantages of using Ingram Advance?

It makes your marketing strategy so much more accurate. Although it is good that you use various marketing strategies because it helps your books chances of selling. It is also important that your book stands out from competition. Using Ingram Advance you can be more accurate on how you market yourself and your book.

Your marketing strategy is now more precise. You no longer have to grasp in the dark on how to advertise your book. With Ingram Advance and its many catalog options you can now choose how to best address your target audience.

Your advertising is now more attractive to your target audience. With Ingram Advance you have access to tailor made ads that will surely make a good impression on perspective readers.

Ingram Advance also offers a myriad of tips on how you can keep abreast of the trends in the book industry and thus help you make the proper decisions on your book marketing campaign.

Is Ingram Advance really worth it?

It all really depends on how you want to advertise your book. The best attribute of Ingram Advance is the fact that it is highly efficient and accurate. It gives you the chance to reach out to a wider audience. You are given a choice of catalogs that will help make your book promotion more attractive to potential readers. With its huge array of catalogs Ingram Advance is truly worth trying out.

The catalogs depend on the company you are affiliated with. One example is BookVenture. This self-publishing company has served authors with quality service and products through the years, and in their desire to further help their clientele, they have offered Ingram Catalogs that are tailor made for authors of every genre.

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