Choosing the Right Christian Book Publisher for Your Stories

Christian stories are one of the most beloved genres in literature. They help motivate and inspire readers and teach them lessons that can be applied to their personal lives. Most Christian authors make it their goal to get published so they can spread their faith and beliefs to an even wider audience. Getting published exposes the wise words of these individual to a broader spectrum.

To date, there is actually a large number of Christian authors that have effectively published their stories. C.S. Lewis is one of the most popular and highly regarded Christian authors. His best known work, The Chronicles of Narnia, was adapted into film and was critically acclaimed by an even larger demographic.

And thanks to Christian book publishers, there are even more religious authors who have successfully shared their stories today. Publishing has become a more achievable option for new authors in general. Technology has evolved quite drastically and it has made a lot of the work in publishing much easier. Thus, it has paved the way for aspiring Christian authors to present their books to the world.

A lot of Christian book publishers look for stories with inspirational themes and moral values. They specialize on highlighting the lessons and messages depicted in the story. An author who wants to have his story’s theme emphasized should go for a publisher who has a similar goal. Christian book publishers work on not only producing a published book but promoting it as well. Companies that endorse Christian values make it their mission to aid their clients in more ways than one.

Thomas Nelson, Zondervan and Tyndale House are just a few of the biggest and highly regarded Christian book publishers in the US. They cater to publishing Christian books and producing other related items like videos and audiobooks. Take note though that not all of them accept unsolicited manuscripts or proposals. To get published in these large companies, you can ask the help of a third-party. By sending your work through third-party submission it’s more likely to get accommodated by the publisher. These third-party forums also offer editing and marketing services.

In general, it’s not actually an easy task to have your book published. Going through the traditional route of publishing will be a challenge because these publishers cater to a large number of customers. You can always opt for self-publishing, an easier and less expensive way to publish your book. There are plenty of self-publishing companies that also caters to the Christian genre, despite it not being their main specialization. A self-publishing company like BookVenture, for instance, caters to all types of genres. In fact, this self-publishing company offers a wide range of services from publishing to marketing.

To learn more about which publishers will best suit your work, do your research on their reviews. The best way to learn about how a company operates is by reading the testimonials of their past clients. So read up before choosing your publisher.

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