BookVenture Wants to Publish My Book! What Should I Do?

I have always dreamed of publishing my very own book. I always wanted to see my name in the cover page and browse through the pages, reading my own words and ideas. I always wanted to see my books on bookshelves in the bookstores and libraries, just waiting to be read. I always wanted to be able to contribute to world of literature in my own unique way.

Why I chose to publish with BookVenture.

With BookVenture, I know that my publishing needs will always be taken care of, I know that I will always get the best service there and most of all I know that BookVenture wants to publish my book. With BookVenture, publishing anyone who wishes to publish his or her work will be given the perfect opportunity to do so. With Bookventure, readers are given the chance to work with an innovative and forward-looking self-publishing company that is committed to providing book publishing and marketing solutions to all authors worldwide. The company’s reputation for publishing quality books is built on the talent of the firm’s brilliant team of copywriters, copyeditors, formatters, designers, consultants, and book marketers. Together, these individuals turn every author’s dream of getting published a reality.

BookVenture provides a wide array of book publishing and marketing services to authors of different book genres from educational resources, children’s books, photography, cookbooks, fiction and non-fiction books. They do not cater books that depict unlawful, libelous, derogatory, sexually explicit, personally or racially offensive, fallacious, etc. content.

Of course other people will ask why I want BookVenture to publish my book. Well aside from the many testimonials below, I also love their eagerness to help me in any way they can.


The information about book publishing was informative. I’m new to this process and I thought it would be a difficult process. It’s actually been very smooth. I was surprise to learn that I would get 80% of the proceeds or profits. The book layout is BEAUTIFUL-very pleased.

Dr. Mary Reid, author of The Phone Rang


I was unsure at first because of the cost but in the long run, I was pleased beyond even my highest expectations. Overall, it was the total services provided versus the cost. The cover art turned out very nice.

Eric Powers, author of The State Of America


They understand the author’s journey and they treated me with the utmost respect. I appreciate their professionalism and their expertise in the publishing process and getting my book out to the masses. If you are searching for a publisher, BookVenture is here.

Rutha Turner Jones, author of Turning Point

I also chose BookVenture because it has everything I would want in a publishing company. Not only is it staffed by highly competent people it also adheres to a level of competency and quality work that I find admirable. You can also take a look at the many services offered by BookVenture.

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