BookVenture Publishing: Customer Satisfaction is Key to Success

BookVenture Publishing has always been keen to receive testimonials from their clients to keep track of its progress. Many of the company’s successfully published authors have highlighted their praise on the company’s excellent customer service. The company has always taken pride its ability to extend its services to authors in a professional and reliable manner. One of the major key factors that contribute to the success of a company is customer satisfaction. Good reviews make up a good reputation. And you can learn a lot about a company through personal reviews from their customers.

“They understand the author’s journey and they treated me with the utmost respect. I appreciate their professionalism and their expertise in the publishing process and getting my book out to the masses. If you are searching for a publisher, BookVenture is here,” said Rutha Turner Jones, author of Turning Point.

“The information about book publishing was informative. I’m new to this process and I thought it would be a difficult process. It’s actually been very smooth. I was surprise to learn that I would get 80% of the proceeds or profits. The book layout is BEAUTIFUL-very pleased,” said Dr. Mary Reid, author of The Phone Rang.

BookVenture Publishing prioritizes the needs of its authors. Most novice authors don’t know much about the book publishing process and this is where the company’s publishing consultants come in. Each publishing consultant strives to help the customer completely understand the process. The team of professionals goes out of their way to give authors the publishing deals that best suits them. They also make an effort to negotiate a reasonable price to help the author stay on budget.

BookVenture Publishing goes beyond just offering services; they offer guidance and assistance to author on their publishing journey.

J.V. Fearon, author of Tickle Monsters, also shared her remarks:

After intensively researching numerous publishers to embark on what seemed at the timed to be the very daunting prospect of publishing my first book. I happened upon BookVenture publishers over the net and was impressed by the very reasonably priced and appealing packages they offered, which far exceeded my expectation.

I first spoke to Joe Massey, Senior marketing consultant at (BookVenture Publishing), who very patiently answered my endless questions. Talking to Joe really convinced me to take the plunge. He then referred me on to Laura Tan (Fulfilment Officer), whom I can only describe as outstanding.

My experience in publishing my first book was not at all daunting, it was a very quick enjoyable process made easy by the whole team at BookVenture. They took note of all my requests with quick responses with step by step guidance from start to finish. You are never left wondering what was happening.

BookVenture Publishing from the outset has been a very rewarding experience that I have and would recommend. I first spoke to Joe on the 11th of November 2014 and my book was published on the 17th of December 2014; I am not sure any other publisher can work so efficiently.

With several successfully published authors, BookVenture continues to keep up its golden track record of keeping its customers happy and satisfied. The company continues to develop even more convenient ways to serve each customer.

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