BookVenture Now Partners with the US Review of Books

BookVenture knows that in today’s world the idea of just going out to the nearest bookstores and browsing the books there to see what’s good may seem archaic.

If you are a potential reader you would of course want to see what the best reviewed books out there are. While authors on the other hand want to see how good their books really are.

What with the multitude of books all over the net nowadays it is difficult to see if your book really is good or if it needs improvement.

Which is why BookVenture is giving authors a chance to have their books reviewed by the US Review of Books and be evaluated and perused by a team of talented writers.

By doing this the author will have the chance to see if their book is good enough and get expert feedback at the same time.

The US Book Reviews is a way for authors all over the world to have their works checked and given a rating. This rating although hard won is quite useful when it comes to selling your books.

The US Review of Books should be considered as a way for authors to gain higher recognition for their books.

Getting a positive review from this professional review firm will increase your market value and boost your credibility as an author.

Your book review will be posted on USRB’s website which has over 15,000 subscribers and your book will automatically be submitted as an automatic entry to the Eric Hoffer Award – a prestigious title awarded to authors with exceptional writing style.

What is US Review of Books?

The US Review of Books is a respected review site that connects a multitude of authors to highly respected book reviewers. Through this site authors can now have their work critiqued by the best and given constructive criticism if needed.

The main objective of this site is to give both readers and authors a realistic view of their books. Readers can also check out the site and see which books have the best ratings and are worth reading.

The reviews are all divided into genres and are all easy for readers to peruse and each genre has an expert that will give a comprehensive review on all the books submitted.

US Review of Books is a truly effective way to boost book sales because this site is one of the most perused sites when it comes to good honest book reviews. It also provides readers with a highly detailed breakdown of a book review and its good and bad characteristics.

And because of a staff of highly skilled and respected writers the reviews in US Review of Books are highly accurate and can be depended on.

A recommendation from US Review of Books is tantamount to a badge of honor in book circles and helps in giving a book credibility in literary circles.

How will US Review of Books help in book sales?

US Review of Books like other book review sites such as Kirkus Book Review has many features that will help authors increase their book sales.

One is the fact that most people nowadays check the internet if they want to see if a book is worth reading or not, thus if these same readers check reviews and there are good things said about a book they will surely but it.

Another is the fact that the reviews are all conducted by highly skilled critics and all their reviews are well written and accurate.

And now that BookVenture offers US Review of Books potential authors can now have their books reviewed by this respected site and give their books a better chance of being sold. What’s more the entire process is quite easy and offers a number of features that will potentially enhance the author’s popularity with readers.

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