6 Effective Tips on How to Self-Publish a Book

Self-publishing is a burgeoning new way of publishing that allows writers to publish their own books without the help of traditional publishing houses. In many ways the greatest attribute of self-publishing is the fact that it gives writers the chance to have overall control of every facet of the publishing process.

This includes the creation and editing of the manuscript, layout of the book and cover and even book promotions. This is highly different from traditional publishing wherein the author is given little to no control of book creation and marketing. But as great and beneficial as these advantages are it also comes with its own limitations.

These limitations are the fact that all expenses are shouldered by the author, thus it is important to be able to budget your publishing fund and the other limitation is the fact that you will have to handle almost every aspect of the operation, which although may be very exhilarating but can also prove highly strenuous and taxing for most people.

Which is why it is advisable for most would be authors to make the entire operation as effective and cost-efficient as possible. Here are some highly effective tips on how to write and publish a book.

Edit and double check every aspect of your manuscript

Your manuscript is the first step in your journey to being a self-published author. A manuscript is the un-edited copy of a book and is technically a rough draft that the author first started on.

It is likely to have a good number of spelling and grammatical errors. This is alright because the only people who will read your book at this stage is you. But it is extremely important that you check and double check your manuscript to make sure that it is free of mistakes.

It is also advisable that you have your book checked by a professional copy-editor to make sure that everything is in good order. The cost of having a professional look at your work may be a bit high but just remember that it is better to spend money on getting the best results from your book.

Create a book cover design

Book cover designs are like the billboards of a book. It is the advertising aspect of your book and is meant to capture the reader’s attention. Which is why it is very important that the book cover is attractive and capable of enticing the reader to buy your book.

You can create the book cover design yourself if you have the skills and proper equipment. But if you want your book to capture reader’s attentions you should have a professional make the cover for you.

Like with the copyeditor before when it comes to publishing your book it is better if you have as much professional help as possible because it give your book a more professional look and less errors.

Create an e-copy of your book

e-books are highly popular these days due to the relative low cost of attaining it and the ability to store it easily. Which is why it is a good idea to make an e-copy version of your book.

There is also the added bonus that e-books are very easy to store and can be preserved for all time through your websites and other software.

Choose whether to ask the help of a self-publishing company or publish it yourself

The main question here is whether you opt to have your book published through a self-publishing company or whether you publish it yourself. The two are in truth quite similar because both options still give you complete control of your book but the difference between the two is that having your book published through a self-publishing company gives you the option to have your book worked on by a team of highly skilled people and marketed by a company that already has marketing connections. On the other hand if you self-publish it yourself you have truly full control of your book creation and promotion. The main thing to remember here is that both options have a negative and positive side to it. Just remember that both options though are well recommended.

Promote your book

There are a lot of ways that you can promote your book. You can promote your book through traditional channels such as magazines and newspapers. But another effective option is to use social media sites to reach out to potential fans and advertise your work. Your main objective when you promote your book is to get as much attention for your book as possible.

Have your book printed

In this phase it is a better option for you to have your book printed through a print on demand service.  At least you do not have to stockpile your books in your basement. And your readers have the option of buying your stuff through designated selling points.

Now that you have completed this phase and published your book, your next phase of action is to sell your book. Good luck!!!!

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