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BookVenture Now Partners with the US Review of Books

BookVenture knows that in today’s world the idea of just going out to the nearest bookstores and browsing the books there to see what’s good may seem archaic. If you are a potential reader you would of course want to see what the best reviewed books out there are.

BookVenture Wants to Publish My Book! What Should I Do?

I have always dreamed of publishing my very own book. I always wanted to see my name in the cover page and browse through the pages, reading my own words and ideas. I always wanted to see my books on bookshelves in the bookstores and libraries, just waiting to be read. I always wanted to [...]

Eight Things You Need to Know Before You Self-Publish a Book

It takes a great amount of courage to write a book. Writing a book means to show your thoughts and perceptions to the world and opening yourself to both criticism and praise in equal measure. It takes even more courage to self-publish because there are so many factors to consider when self-publishing is involved. Self-publishing [...]

BookVenture Publishing LLC celebrates Independence Day by offering back to back Marketing and Publishing Promos. In the spirit of claiming freedom and leaving legacies, the self-publishing company is urging authors exercise their personal freedom and pursue their passion in writing.

BookVenture Publishing LLC, a fast developing self-publishing company, now offers a new marketing service called Big Screen Advertising. This service lets authors air their book trailer on cinemas with a minimum cost.